26 May 2009

Larnin' to Talk Good!

I'm a grammar dork. So is the rest of my family. My mother used to terrorize me whenever I used the word "sentence," because I pronounced it "sinnince," as so many do. These days, I speak in "senTences" and I will correct you if I hear you say otherwise. I told my mother the other day that she needs to stop moaning and groaning about how neither of her children learned any lessons from her, because my insane neurosis when it comes to speaking correctly didn't just appear.  It came from her!  I even use pronouns correctly. For example, did you know that the following exchange is intrinsically evil and stupid?

Person A:  Was that Bill, passing in his car?

Person B:  Yes, that was him!

(NO!  It wasn't "him," Stupid Person B!  It was he, dammit, HE!  Why are you so stupid?!)


So it follows that this website makes me very, very happy.


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