27 May 2009

Is Mike Huckabee a Shark or a Jet?

Formerly lovably large Arkansas governor and current failure Mike Huckabee has managed to be both campy and racist, mistakenly referring to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as...Maria.  

Embarrassing, really.

I'm going to have to go the route Christy Hardin Smith went (due to how gay I really am, sometimes) and use this as a gratuitous opportunity to post me some "West Side Story."  

"Maria - I've just met a girl named Maria - And suddenly that name - Will never be the same to me..."

Oh, Sonia, I'm truly sorry Republicans are such gratuitous racists.  (As opposed to "reverse racists," as Rush calls minorities when they don't kneel and bob for every conservative white man they see; in Rush's mind, dark-skinned people simply can't be regular racists, because that's for white people, kthx.)

Okay, here's yr "West Side Story."


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